Mobisante Mobile Ultrasound. Until recently, little of the world held the ability to utilize ultrasound technologies for medical care due to geographical non-accessibility. With the introduction of MobiUs’ ultra-tiny ultrasound device, point-of-care service providers in remote and under-served areas will now have access to efficient ultrasound technologies. 

Pull it out of your pocket and connect. With the ease of device-cord-smartphone hook-up, an obstetrician can now reduce the dangers of cord prolapse or breach delivery. Doctors have already had the opportunity to take advantage of the device during a natural disaster in Joplin Missouri where a woman came in to a temporary hospital complaining of stomach discomfort. It was just as relieving for the doctor to tell the pregnant woman that she had nothing to worry about as it was for the mother. 

Mobisante makes Tangible Tools List For All Around Efficiency: 

  • affordable connectivity
  • more eco-friendly than over-sized, energy consuming technologies
  • images are ready to use and can be archived securely
  • pocket sized

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